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Gram Positivo is an innovative company in the agri-food industry. We develop services and analysis and diagnosis tools to increase efficiencies and minimize risks in the hygiene and food safety systems.

We focus on prevention and management of food risks in the long term, seeking improved decision-making, use of resources and minimizing associated costs.



We measure the level of hygiene excellence of a facility, area or specific procedure to detect their strengths and weaknesses.


We develop an action plan adapted to the improvement of the weaknesses detected in the hygiene and food safety management system.


We develop innovative and customized solutions to any particular problems of each facility.


We analyze all the data generated by the hygiene and food safety management system to find trends and patterns in the long term.


Hygienic competitiveness gram positivo
Hygienic competitiveness Gram Positivo

Hygienic competitiveness

Creation of an analysis method for the establishment of the level of competitiveness and points for improvement of a food hygiene management system.

Risks analysis gram positivo
Risks analysis Gram Positivo

Risks analysis

Development of tools for the dynamic assessment of food safety risks through the collection and analysis of data.

Metagenomics gram positivo
molecular biology Gram Positivo

Molecular biology

Searching for new solutions based on the application of molecular biology to food safety.


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